El 5-Segundo truco para junio maluma

El 5-Segundo truco para junio maluma

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The other photos and videos in the post show the singer dancing around with Paris in his hands to "Is This Love" by Bob Marley and The Wailers, the new parents getting some fresh air with their daughter, bouquets of flowers around their living room and several shots of them lounging around in their new frecuente. 

La entrevista de GQ a Maluma sobre el alcance del reguetón, los aviones privados, los 'boys' de Medellín y la oportunidad de trabajar con Madonna y Rosalía

, you're doing videos like “Bikini.” So, you get to act out this completely like fantasy that you would never have otherwise.

For me, that's another thing that I really want to do. I actually want to go next year and stay a couple of months in Los Angeles and become the actor that I want to be too. I want to keep writing music. I want to be on top of the charts. I want to be the artist that I see and feel that I admire that artist. But, for me, the main thing is to be the human being that I am right now. I want to keep my values, keep who I am. I want to keep being this kid from Medellin that I'm going to show you right now. My hometown? This is where I was born, man. This is where I belong. I don't want to lose my roots. I want to keep dreaming to become that huge artist. But the only way I'm going to do it is if I keep grounded. If not, I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to get there.

Pero eso no es todo. Y es que Stella ha asegurado que cree, a arbitrar por lo que vio, que Clara y Piqué podrían acontecer comenzado a salir incluso ayer de la apertura del Específico, en octubre de 2021.

schreef: I am not good at english but I do my best, and I learning, so if you Chucho help me to do better my translation I will thank you, but if you Perro't help or you don't want to you don't have to insult me.

He’s always dreamt of fatherhood, he admitted. “Paris, our beautiful daughter, is growing inside her mom’s belly and she gives me many reasons to keep dreaming. She made a reset in my mind. She’s everything for me right now. My days are brighter than ever,” he expressed.

Maluma acaba de lanzar su nuevo sencillo “Junio”, una alegre y romántica canción pop-urbana que habla de la distracción que te hace comprobar esa persona singular, tal y como si fuera verano en junio.

El fragmento que dice ‘’Me das calor como si fuera verano en Junio. Qué chimba fuera mi novia. maluma Si no es Figuraí pues me conformo con un beso‘’, ha sumado casi 3 millones de vistas en la Garlito social.

Maluma announced that he was going to be a father through the music video for his song “Procura,” which featured scenes of the couple looking at an ultrasound and counting down at a maluma gender reveal party. A stream of pink light revealed that the couple was having a baby girl.

Maluma: I didn't have to become a dad to start doing that. For me, that was the main thing when I started. I MALUMA KAROL G was 21 years old and I told my sister, “We’ve got to do a big foundation, the biggest foundation in Medellín, Colombia. I want to do it all over the world.” And that's what is happening right now. My baby's coming, but I feel like I want to be the voice of maluma the crowd, but not the voice of the politicians, because I don't like politicians. I don't like to talk about that.

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En esta historia, Maluma queda cautivado por ella, pidiendo al cielo que ella le haga caso y finalmente se logran conectar sin importar su discapacidad auditiva, unidos por el ritmo de esta canción y el corazón.

Steve Baltin: I love the fact that you call yourself “Grandpa Jones.” I understand. When maluma hawaii you do go out then, do you appreciate it more?

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